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Waste Pro Company News

The biggest independent trash and recycling company in the southeast U.S., Waste Pro USA Inc., is becoming the first to power one of its regional facilities by solar energy. For the project, Waste Pro partnered with a local company, EcoSolar of Sarasota. According to Regional Vice President Keith Banasiak, the firm applied an extremely advanced system: a compact system of flat panels which Mr. Banasiak says is “about as thick as 20 sheets of notebook paper.”

Unlike traditional solar panel boxes, these photovoltaic modules are flexible and fully adhere to the roof surface. It is the only photovoltaic product that passed Miami-Dade notice of acceptance with wind tunnel testing for up to 148 mph wind. The innovative system is extremely light sensitive and designed to produce energy even in low light, including a full moon. The 25 kW solar power plant covers 5,000 sq. ft. of roof area and will provide 120 kW hours of electricity per day, enough to cover most of the building’s needs. Energy not consumed will be sent back to the utility grid for credit.

“We are the first garbage company with solar-supplemented energy because we wanted to take a positive approach for our environment and community,” says Mr. Banasiak. “It was a large investment for our company but the return on investment will occur in only 18 to 24 months.” That return is thanks to a Florida solar rebate, a federal energy tax credit, and annual depreciation.