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The Waste Pro Way

From the end of the driveway to the environment, Waste Pro has a commitment to caring.

Waste Pro was founded on a bold idea: to transform the waste and recycling industry into a values-driven service. For us, sustainability is more than working to reduce our company’s impact on the environment. It is also about building long-lasting relationships with our customers, recognizing our highly committed employees, and investing in the communities in which we operate. At Waste Pro, we honor a culture of dependability, doing the right thing, and being connected to our customers, communities, regulators and each other. We say what we do, and we do what we say.

As a learning organization, we are constantly evaluating and improving the service we provide, our operations and processes. We create a climate of knowledge in which our employees devise, research and implement innovative solutions to continuously tailor our services to the needs of our customers and communities. Waste Pro sets the bar for sustainable waste management and endeavors to improve these expectations time and again.

Company History

A driving force at Waste Pro has always been to build a business that can easily adjust to change. Our history reflects our long-standing commitment to remaining flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers, communities, and environments. Our experience and longevity has allowed us to meet the high demands of a competitive industry and continue to offer superior service. 

An innovative idea triggered the success story of Waste Pro: to offer personal customer service with the highest degree of professionalism and environmental responsibility. When John Jennings started his first waste collection company in 1973, he did so with the understanding that the customer pays the wages—not the employer. This simple idea led to dramatic growth, gaining large contracts throughout Florida and adding municipal consulting and sales to the company portfolio. By 1992, the company was renamed Jennings Environmental Services, Inc., to reflect the widespread expansion and range of services offered.

In 1996, Jennings Environmental Services, Inc., joined forces with USA Waste Services, Inc., and Jennings directly managed the corporate activities of the Florida and Caribbean region. His senior management team, composed of prominent industry experts Bob Hyres, Fred Wood, and Dave Danford, propelled the company into new markets. In 1998, the company acquired Waste Management, Inc., and the collective corporation became known as Waste Management.    

As the corporation grew, members of the Jennings management team noticed a detachment from local communities and the people they served. They wanted to offer personal service, face-to-face contact with customers and employees, and use predominantly locally-sourced vendors. It is under this mission that Waste Pro emerged in 2001. Led by Jennings and his experienced team of waste management professionals, Waste Pro ushered in a new standard of disposal and recycling services. Our dedication to the people we served and the neighborhoods we lived in caused our company to grow to unprecedented heights. 

Today, Waste Pro operates from more than 90 locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, and North and South Carolina. We continually invest in technology and innovation, upholding sustainable practices and environmentally-conscious ideals. Our mission is to be an industry and environmental leader for many generations to come.        


Waste Pro drivers value the Waste Pro Way each day they go out on their routes, doing everything from bonding with residents to practicing safe driving. Naturally, keeping our customers and employees safe is one of our top priorities, so we created a $10,000 Safety Award Bonus program to recognize drivers who drive safely each day. Since 2004, we have awarded more than 500 drivers with the bonus, totaling more than $8.5 million. The award is given to drivers who maintain a spotless work record for three years, provide excellent customer service, have no accidents, injuries, or property damage, keep a positive attitude, and have a well-kept truck. Click the button below to view all the winners.

“The refinished containers look brand new, meeting the high standards set by the General Manager of Miller’s Ale House and Waste Pro. Waste Pro is fortunate to have you as a representative and account manager; I’m certainly grateful and fortunate we have you as our go to person for our important waste management needs.”

– Miller’s Ale House in Winter Park

It’s in the numbers

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Many municipal contract RFPs will either include a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) option/scenario, now or require CNG vehicles with accompanying infrastructure.


  • New facility in Jacksonville, FL
  • 53 new service vehicles
  • Invested $18.8 million in CNG infrastructure and vehicles


  • 47 new service vehicles
  • New Facility in Daytona, FL
  • A $15 million investment
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  • 51 New CNG Trucks to Supplement Diesel Fleet
  • In service in Sanford, Tallahassee, Palm Coast, and Daytona, FL
  • Invested more than $15.6 Million in CNG Trucks


  • A $15 million investment; 40 New CNG Trucks in Ft. Pierce, FL; New Service Complex With CNG Fueling Facility Adjacent to Existing Operating Location


Our financial performance and rapid growth are based on a company-wide dedication to providing premium customer service, investing in the best equipment, and creating an environment that attracts the best people in the industry.

— John Jennings, Executive Board Chairman

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