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Fuel/Environmental Charge Information

Unfortunately there are some costs we cannot control. The escalating costs of fuel and environmental compliance have had a tremendous impact on our industry. In the past every customer was being charged a flat fuel charge. In order to be fair to all parties involved the fuel charge will be a fluctuating percentage. As the price of fuel rises the fuel charge will rise and as the price of fuel decreases the fuel charge will decrease.

How Are My Fuel Charges Calculated?

The Energy Information Administration of the U.S. Department of Energy (EIA/DOE) publishes on its website a chart called Weekly Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices. This chart is widely used and recognized in our industry. Refer to the Lower Atlantic section of this link to determine the price of diesel fuel.

The price of diesel fuel is then used in correlation with the Waste Pro Fuel Index Chart. As the price of fuel increases or decreases the percentage of fuel to be charged will increase or decrease. Please download the Waste Pro Fuel Index Chart to determine the current percentage of the fuel charge. The rate will be changing bi-monthly on your invoices.

How Are My Environmental Charges Calculated?

Waste Pro is dedicated to keeping our environment safe. The Environmental Charge is related to our costs of meeting a high standard of environmental compliance set by internal management and external governmental regulatory agencies. The current Environmental Charge is 9.8%. This charge will help support our costs to operate our collection, transfer, recycling and landfills in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.