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Historical Truck Museum

As we continue to forge a new path in the recycling and waste industry, we understand the importance of remembering and preserving our past.

The Waste Pro Garbage Truck Museum, an extension of the Waste Pro regional office in Sanford, Florida, boasts a collection of original and restored antique waste collection trucks that showcase the company’s rich history of innovation.

’41-42 Chevy 3/4 ton. ’41-42 Chevy 3/4 ton.

Family Business

Our Executive Board Chairman John Jennings & son, President & CEO Sean Jennings, standing by the 1946 Dodge Truck.

Meet No. 1

This 1926 GMC flatbed represents the collection truck that Michael Jennings (John Jennings's father) worked on when he came over as a 17-year-old from Ireland in 1930.

Humble Beginnings

Green 1946 Dodge Truck.

Behind it is a 1975 Ford which was John Jennings’s first truck purchase. It was tracked down for repurchase and then restored to be put on display at the museum.

There’s an emotional attachment between the vehicles and Jennings, who has spent virtually all his life in and around the trash business.

Jim Johnson – Waste & Recycling News
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