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Women of Waste Pro: Jolene Johnson

Women of Waste Pro Jolene Johnson Regional Director of Government Relations Louisiana/Mississippi Jolene Johnson has just about done it all. At just 17 years old, she joined the U.S. Navy as an Electronics Tech, working on radios, radars, and communication for air traffic control towers. During her career in the Navy, she met her husband, … Continued

Women of Waste Pro: Roxann Rodriguez

Women of Waste Pro Roxann Rodriguez Route Supervisor Sarasota/Bradenton, FL For Roxann Rodriguez, joining Waste Pro in 2020 was the best decision she made that year. Roxann has been in the waste industry for more than 20 years, getting her start working for cities in different roles. When a job in solid waste opened up, … Continued

Women of Waste Pro: Stephanie Lyons

Women of Waste Pro Stephanie Lyons Office Manager Daytona Beach, FL When Stephanie Lyons first applied for a job under John Jennings, he told the person interviewing her to stop everything – he had found the perfect person for the job. “I moved to Florida in 1990 and got a job right away with John … Continued

Women of Waste Pro: Lori Gaddy

Women of Waste Pro Lori Gaddy Office Manager Athens, GA Lori Gaddy has a saying about the waste industry – until you work in it, you don’t realize how important it is to customers. And she takes that to heart when working with them. Before starting her career with Waste Pro, Lori and her husband … Continued

Women of Waste Pro: Erika Matheron

Women of Waste Pro Erika Matheron Residential Driver Panama City Beach, FL Erika Matheron holds a special honor within Waste Pro’s Panama City Beach, FL Division – she recently became the first woman in the Division to earn the coveted $10,000 Safety Award. Erika has been with Waste Pro for over three years. She started … Continued

Women of Waste Pro: Nicole Reed

Women of Waste Pro Nicole Reed Regional HR Generalist North Carolina & Georgia When Nicole Reed first joined Waste Pro, the job she wanted wasn’t available – but that didn’t stop her from pushing through and reaching her goal. Nicole joined Waste Pro in 2011 after working for more than a decade in retail. She … Continued

Women of Waste Pro – Linda Madernini

Women of Waste Pro Linda Madernini Operations Support Specialist Ft. Pierce, FL Linda Madernini is the definition of committed – in her 17 years with Waste Pro, she has never called out sick. “Waste Pro is my life,” she said. Since she started with the company in 2004, Linda has dipped her toe in a … Continued

Women of Waste Pro – Cindi Tiger

Cindi Tiger Office Manager Cocoa, FL Cindi Tiger has watched and participated in the growth of Waste Pro from just five operating locations to more than 80 across the Southeast. In 2003, Cindi had been working at Walmart as a Customer Service Manager. The job was fine, she said, but in her heart, she wanted … Continued

Women of Waste Pro – Sibyl Ginn

Women of Waste Pro Sibyl Ginn Contract and Acquisition Administrator Sibyl Ginn never imagined she would work for a garbage company, but 17 years later, she can’t imagine doing anything else. A lifelong Georgia resident, Sibyl only had two jobs in her life before Waste Pro – department store Sears in high school and cutting … Continued

Women of Waste Pro: Lisa Jeroux

Women of Waste Pro Lisa Jeroux Corporate Payroll Administrator Longwood, FL Even if you haven’t met Lisa Jeroux, she is one of Waste Pro’s most integral employees – she’s one of two, who make sure everyone gets paid. Jeroux joined Waste Pro in 2018. As Corporate Payroll Administrator, she not only conducts audits to make … Continued

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