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Waste & Recycling Workers Week 2022: Get the Kiddos Involved!

As we kick off Waste & Recycling Workers Week, we want to hear from some of our favorite customers!

Whether it’s a smile, a wave, or a high five, it makes our day when we get to take a moment to interact with kids as we go! So, we’ve got a few ways your little ones can get involved and say “hello” or “thank you” to our crews next time you see them!

  1. Street chalk: Is your child an artist? We’d love to see their work! Grab some chalk and let your driveway/sidewalk be their canvas! Click here for an example!
  2. Coloring: If chalk isn’t their thing, check this out: print out this coloring sheet and let your little one run wild with their imagination! Our crews would love to see them next time they’re in your neighborhood!
  3. Maze: Challenge your child with a maze! Click this link to download and print it!

And of course, share any photos with us – we love to see our drivers, helpers, and other team members interacting with the community! You can reach us at!