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Waste Pro’s Fleet Optimization

Public concerns regarding waste typically focus on its growing quantities and landfill accumulation; but one element of waste management that often goes unnoticed, yet has significant impacts on health and the environment, is the vast number of garbage trucks used to process this waste. Thus, the challenge is to make the shift to a new generation of vehicles and fuels as rapidly as possible.

Waste Pro was the first waste collection company to use Hybrid Collection Trucks in Florida, and it uses a “Regenerative” system in its trucks that goes beyond EPA requirements to reduce exhaust emission. We have implemented anti-wear armoring around all of our trucks’ hydraulic hoses, virtually eliminating hydraulic spills in the environment, and we proactively work to reduce and strengthen driver improvements by subjecting every truck, every day to a post trip inspection.

Waste Pro is also utilizing the latest technology in route optimization and customer service, implementing systems such as TracEZ and Air-Trak to better serve municipalities and businesses.