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Waste Pro’s Co-Heart Program Celebrates 200th Graduate

For Immediate Release                                           

Media Contact: Ron Pecora
Chief Marketing Officer

LONGWOOD, FL – August 2, 2019 – Waste Pro’s Co-Heart Program, which trains team members to earn their commercial driver’s license (CDL), is celebrating its 200th graduate since its inception in 2015.

Corporate Operations Trainer Robert Bourcheau (left) and Route Engineer/200th Co-Heart Graduate Enrique Cadena (right)

Corporate Operations Trainer Robert Bourcheau, a state-approved examiner and instructor, works one-on-one with students of the Co-Heart Program to prepare for the CDL exam. The tests are conducted at Waste Pro’s Regional Operations Center in Sanford, FL, a state-approved CDL testing site. Waste Pro is only one of two solid waste companies in the state that works with the Florida Department of Transportation to offer such a program.

In the past year, Bourcheau has been spearheading changes in the program to include additional training including advanced backing and driving skills, rollover prevention, and more.

The Co-Heart Program is available to employees at all levels. Many who have completed it have gone on to become lead drivers, supervisors, managers, and winners of Waste Pro’s $10,000 Safety Award, which Waste Pro is the only private company in the United States to offer. Drivers must go three years without accidents, injuries, or property damage to be eligible for the award.

“Although the program was designed for helpers to be promoted, many supervisors, mechanics, and administrative personnel have benefited from our Co-Heart Program,” Bourcheau said. “It is a total watchdog over many facets pertaining to CDL licensing and proving to be an invaluable asset to our company.”

In 2018, Waste Pro also opened two Driver Training Centers (DTC) for newly-hired drivers and employees who have recently obtained a CDL. Located in Sanford and the Atlanta, GA Regional Operations Center, the DTCs offer a five-day education course on topics including safety, vehicle specifics, and customer service.

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