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Waste Pro Team Highlight: Caring for Furry Residents

On Sunday April 17th, Occy, a tricolored furry resident from Alachua County wandered into the street and could not find her way back home. She spent four days in the woods between 241 and 441 without food or shelter.

The owner, Silvia Hunkins, posted flyers throughout her neighborhood hoping that someone would identify Occy and report her location, but no one called. She sent photos of Occy to Waste Pro’s Alachua division, and our Customer Service Representative, Debbie Patella, passed them around to the truck drivers.

On Tuesday April 19th, Chris Costello spotted Occy in Alachua Highlands while he was completing his daily routes and immediately called Mrs. Hunkins.

“You and your company are a kind and caring group of people. I can’t believe we were so lucky to find her,” wrote Mrs. Hunkins in an email to the Alachua division team.

We don’t just collect garbage, we are community partners who recognize our responsibility to remain connected to local communities as we grow.