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Waste Pro Recycling Plant Sustains Damage in Overnight Tornado

BIRMINGHAM, AL – January 24, 2012 Waste Pro’s Birmingham Recycling Division, located at 300 Fleming Road, is currently operating after its 180,000 square foot processing facility was struck by an EF3 tornado in the predawn hours. At approximately 3:30 a.m. on Monday, January 23rd, the storm touched down just near the building, causing extensive damage to the building’s exterior façade and office area.
“We had significant damage to our processing plant and our administrative offices, yet our residential and commercial waste collection services were not affected,” stated George Nicholson, Division Manager. Although residential and commercial customers will continue to have uninterrupted service, the massive corrugated steel structure housing the recycling processing plant sustained marked damage. “We are fortunate to also have one of this country’s largest paper, plastic and cardboard processing plants in Atlanta, where we are temporarily diverting our recyclables for processing until the exterior is secured and has been cleared for occupancy. Fortunately, we suffered no damage to our processing equipment and all materials destroyed by the tornado will be recycled,” Nicholson said. He continued by stating how thankful they are the tornado struck prior to their daily start time, resulting in no injuries to the staff.
Waste Pro is one of this country’s fastest growing privately owned waste collection, recycling, processing, and disposal companies, operating in seven southeastern states. Serving more than 1.8 million customers from 500 operating locations, Waste Pro USA is headquartered in Longwood, Florida and maintains more than 250 exclusive municipal contracts and franchises.