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Waste Pro Recognizes Four Drivers for Outstanding Safety Record

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Media Contact: Melissa Catalanotto
Corporate Communications Manager

Midway, Fla. – February 5, 2020 – Waste Pro recently recognized four Tallahassee Division drivers who have each earned the company’s coveted $10,000 Safety Award. Darrell Brown, Sr.; Paul Davis; Jeff Foreman; and Demetric Peterson were recognized last week for their commitment to safety over the past three years. Waste Pro, an American company headquartered in Central Florida, maintains over 150 employees within its Tallahassee divisions, which serve 15 local municipalities in North Florida.

Ralph Mills, Regional Vice President; driver Demetric Peterson; driver Darrell Brown, Sr.; and Todd Mitchell, Tallahassee Division Manager

In an industry that has constantly been ranked as one of the most dangerous in which to work, safe driving habits are crucial. To be eligible for the award, drivers must maintain a spotless work record for three years, including excellent customer service, no accidents, injuries, or property damage, a positive attitude and attendance record, and a well-kept truck.

Brown has worked with Waste Pro for more than six years and currently drives a garbage collection route in Leon County. Davis has been with the company for nearly 14 years and drives his garbage collection routes in Tallahassee. Foreman, who has worked for Waste Pro for seven years, serves the town of Perry’s commercial collection customers. Peterson drives a recycling route in Tallahassee, where he has worked as a Waste Pro driver for nearly a decade.

Waste Pro is the only private company in the United States that offers a $10,000 safety award to its drivers. The company established the $10,000 Safety Award program in 2004 to encourage safe driving. Since then, Waste Pro has awarded more than $4.6 million to drivers across the southeast United States.

About Waste Pro USA

Waste Pro USA, Inc. is one of the country’s fastest-growing privately-owned waste collection, recycling, processing and disposal companies, operating in 10 southeastern states where it maintains approximately 300 exclusive municipal contracts and franchises while serving more than two million residential customers and 40,000 commercial customers from over 75 operating locations. Waste Pro is proud to be an American company headquartered in Longwood, Fla.


Darrell Brown, Sr. has been working with Waste Pro USA for more than six years, originally starting out on yard waste and transitioning to a garbage collection route in Leon County after his first year.

His day starts at 4:30 am when he leaves his home in Quincy to head to the Waste Pro facility in Midway. Once he arrives, he completes his safety checks on his truck and rolls out around 5:30 am. Garbage collection starts at 6 am in Leon County, and he wants to be ready to go.

Darrell’s favorite part of the job is the ability to be his own boss, in a sense.

“It’s just you, your truck and the garbage,” he said. “You do your job and then you’re done and you can go home to your family.”

Family is important to Darrell; in fact, one of his four sons —Darrell Brown, Jr. — also works for Waste Pro.

One of the biggest concerns Darrell Sr. has about his work on his route is safety.

“The truck stops frequently,” he said. “I wish people would pay closer attention to the trucks ahead of them or driving past driveways. I’m always worried about someone not looking and running into me.”

This past year, he had an excellent safety record. In fact, Darrell Sr. is one of three drivers in Tallahassee and Leon County who are receiving a $10,000 bonus for three years completely free of accidents and complaints. It’s harder than it sounds, but Darrell knows it’s important.

Over the past 14 years, Paul Davis has worked four different garbage collection routes for Waste Pro. He starts his day at 5 am, checking his truck for safety issues and making sure he has what he needs to start his route in Tallahassee at 6:30 am.

“There’s the hardship of getting up so early,” he said. “But once you find your rhythm, you’re good to go. I’m definitely a morning person.”

Paul is one of four drivers from the Tallahassee Divisions earning a $10,000 bonus for three years of excellence in safety. Earning the distinction is pretty simple, he said.

“You just have to stay focused; don’t get distracted,” he explained. “Just stay in your lane and do your job.”

The ability to work hard, get a job done and get home is one of Paul’s favorite things about his job. He also enjoys running into regular customers along his route, especially the kids, who will run out to wave or bring him cold drinks on a hot day. That thoughtfulness, he said, means a lot to drivers who work extremely hard, no matter the outside conditions.

Paul plans to use his bonus winnings to further his own business dreams, maybe through investments or real estate. For now, he’ll keep working hard, taking care of his customers and chasing his future.

Demetric Peterson will celebrate his 10th year with Waste Pro this fall, but he’s celebrating another milestone with the company this month – earning the $10,000 bonus for having three years completely clear of accidents or complaints. But don’t ask him what he’s going to do with the money.

“My wife and my daughter already have plans,” he laughed.

Demetric drove dump trucks before coming to Waste Pro and kept an eye out for an opening with the company for about three years. He started on a yard waste route before moving over to recycling, which has its challenges.

“I would love to see people learn more about what can and can’t be recycled,” he said. “We can’t accept garbage and other non-recyclables in the bins, but we don’t want people to think we missed their pick-up either. It’s definitely a balancing act.”

One of Demetric’s favorite things about his job is the ability to work hard and get the job done.

“You can come in early, get back from your route early, and get back home,” he said. “And I appreciate that our company recognizes our hard work and commitment to safety with these bonuses.”

Jeff Foreman started working for Waste Pro in 2013, and he currently handles the company’s commercial collection routes in Perry, Fla. Originally from Ohio, Jeff says one of his favorite things about his job now is the weather.

“I really enjoy being by myself and being outside, especially when the weather’s nice,” he says. “There’s no snow, no ice… I really like the Florida weather!”

Jeff was one of four drivers recently recognized with a $10,000 bonus for an exceptional commitment to safety and customer service. To be eligible, drivers must have excellent customer service, no accidents, injuries, or property damage, a positive attitude and attendance record, and a well-kept truck for at least three years.

Good customer service and reliability are important to Jeff.

“People depend on me, and they can set their watches by my route,” he says. “I’m proud that I’m able to be in the same spot at the same time, every time. That’s good customer service.”

Jeff has a few words of wisdom for newer drivers that echo this.

“Be consistent, be organized and take your job seriously,” he says. “And take safety seriously. That’s the most important thing.”