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Waste Pro Partners with SP Recycling

Waste Pro USA, Inc., in Conjunction with SP Recycling, Inc., announces the opening of Waste Pro’s Bradenton / Sarasota materials recycling facility (MRF). The new MRF is co-located within Waste Pro’s new trucking and customer service facility. Waste Pro just celebrated the grand opening of this new facility in Manatee County along with the start up a long term waste and recycling collection contract for Manatee County.

This facility will enable Waste Pro to have a combination of flexibility and operational savings by having the MRF right at its facility when the trucks empty their loads they are already at home for the night. This will also allow both Waste Pro and SP Recycling individually to offer additional commercial and residential recycling programs for the Bradenton / Sarasota area.

This will enable Waste Pro and SP Recycling to help toward reaching the 75 percent recycling goal established in the Florida Legislature’s 2008 Florida Energy Bill. “Recycling is a key element in Waste Pro’s future plans for development, it is smart business and the right thing to do for our environment” said Keith Banasiak, Area Vice President for Waste Pro.

Bob Hyres, Executive Vice President for Waste Pro stated that Waste Pro’s “Going Green” initiatives so far this year have included many new programs including acquiring and building new recycling facilities, the ordering of the first International Truck’s hybrid collection vehicles, buying Smart Cars for staff members and initiating the development its first compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling location.”