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Waste Pro Invests $100 million in CNG Fleet

Longwood, FL—October 17, 2011—Waste Pro USA announced today the investment of $100 million to transition their fleet of heavy trucks from diesel fuel, to cleaner burning Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).  The investment also includes construction of state of the art fueling facilities throughout the South.

“We care about the communities we serve. Our future includes a continued commitment to solar powered facilities, residential and commercial recycling, landfill diversion, and clean air.  This move will dramatically reduce emissions in our operating footprint and potentially provide fueling stations for the cities and counties we serve”, explained John J. Jennings, President and CEO of Waste Pro USA.

Waste Pro’s investment includes an initial order of 150 heavy waste collection and recycling trucks and construction of a multi-million dollar fueling complex in Fort Pierce, Florida.  Waste Pro is partnering with Clean Energy, the largest provider of natural gas fuel and facilities in this country, to design and construct the Fort Pierce complex.

“Being a privately held company enables Waste Pro to react quickly to our needs and the needs of the communities we serve.  Many of our 115 exclusive municipal customers are excited about this opportunity to play a part in the use of domestic CNG fuel and want to participate with us,” Jennings added.