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Waste Pro Gets New “Helper” in Tennessee

For Immediate Release                                           

Media Contact: Ron Pecora
Chief Marketing Officer

GERMANTOWN, TN – April 13, 2020 – It appears Waste Pro has a new “helper” on one of its routes in Germantown, TN.

Driver William Jeffries recently noticed many houses along his route had teddy bears in the windows facing the street. When he asked a resident about it, the resident explained kids like to ride down the street with their parents in the car and make a game out of counting how many teddy bears they see. So, Jeffries decided to take part, too.

Jeffries took it upon himself to buy a giant teddy bear and mount it to the side of his truck like a helper would ride it. Residents and their children quickly noticed and have told him how much they love seeing him drive by every day.

Jeffries clearly pays close attention to detail, as Waste Pro Director of Safety Romeo Vellutini added: “I can’t help but point out that the bear is using 4-points of contact and looking for traffic approaching from the rear. Waste Pro bears are smarter than the average bear!”

As a reward for his creative thinking and initiative in getting involved in the community, Jeffries will be presented with a “Franklin Award” of $100.

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