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Waste Pro Awards 2 Employees $10K in Wakulla County, FL

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 12:06 pm


As reported by The Wakulla News

Safety Wakulla 2-2015Mike Beatty and Howard Gavin were each the recipients  of the $10,000 Safety Award offered by their employer, Waste Pro on Friday, Feb. 13.

This is an incentive bonus program implemented in 2004 and offered by Waste Pro to encourage safety and excellence in service. Well over one hundred of the bonuses have been awarded since.

To receive this award the employee must have a perfect work record, be accident and emergency free, complaint free with excellence in customer service, no property damage or injuries, a good attendance record and keep a well maintained and clean truck. This excellence in service for three years.

The bonuses were awarded by Ralph Mills, regional vice president of the Coastal Region and Office Manager Calbert Lesley, during a luncheon celebration hosted by Waste Pro.

Mills said they are very proud of their employees and even though they give them the $10,000 bonus, they like to offer the celebration and invite special guests and the employees family members to join in the celebration. Mills says that this business can be a very dangerous job and they enjoy recognizing employees for the jobs they do, and see them return to the safety of their homes and to their families each day.