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Waste Pro and J.D. Parker & Sons: A Perfect Partnership

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Media Contact: Ron Pecora
Chief Marketing Officer

Longwood, FL – March 6, 2020 – With a history spanning more than 70 years, J.D. Parker & Sons is one of the most respected companies in Pasco County, FL. Founded in 1949 by John Henry Parker, the family-owned company has built a reputation of excellence and superior customer service. His son, John David Parker, took over the family business until he passed away in 2010.

Pictured: Donna Parker, Dave Parker, Jamey Parker, John Jennings

Since then, third-generation garbage men and brothers Dave and Jamey Parker took it upon themselves to honor the family’s legacy, and their father’s wishes to sell the company, by partnering with Longwood-based Waste Pro USA in 2018.

“This wasn’t just about adding revenue to our company,” said Waste Pro Senior Vice President Keith Banasiak. “We want to work with companies that share our same goals and values. We want to work with people who truly love the garbage industry. And this was it. J.D. Parker & Sons was the perfect fit.”

The Parker family is still hands-on in the business. Dave Parker serves as the Division Manager in J.D. Parker’s hometown of New Port Richey, FL, while his wife works as Office Manager and Jamey Parker serves as Commercial Supervisor.

Since the start of the partnership, Jamey Parker says they have hired more staff and welcomed new customers in Pasco County.

“It feels like starting a new business,” he said.

Dave Parker added, “Everyone here is excited. This change has been what we needed. We’re still doing what we love, but without all the stress.”

As a token of appreciation, the Parkers and Waste Pro’s management in the Southwest Florida region worked together to rebuild one of their dad’s trucks from the 1970s for Waste Pro CEO John Jennings, who is a second-generation garbage man and an avid garbage history buff. The truck was presented to Jennings in 2020 and added to Waste Pro’s Garbage Truck Museum – which showcases trucks from as far back as the 1920s – in Sanford, FL.

About Waste Pro USA

Waste Pro USA, Inc. is one of the country’s fastest growing privately-owned waste collection, recycling, processing and disposal companies, operating in ten southeastern states. Waste Pro, with revenues exceeding $700 million, serves more than two million residential and 40,000 commercial customers from over 75 operating locations. Waste Pro is headquartered in Longwood, Florida, and maintains approximately 300 exclusive municipal contracts and franchises.