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Waste Pro Acquires American Recycling

During the last week in August of 2008, Waste Pro USA, Inc, (Waste Pro) headquartered in Longwood Florida, completed the acquisition of American Recycling of Georgia (ARGA) and American Recycling of Alabama from American Recycling Group, Inc. The company feels strongly that their acquisition of ARGA will provide a platform for recyclables processing expertise and management talent from which to grow its recycling business throughout the Southeast. Waste Pro USA President and CEO, John Jennings, commenting on the acquisition, said “Ours is a simple philosophy: Success follows the combination of quality in all aspects. We believe in acquiring the best equipment in the market and recruiting the best people. With American Recycling we are so fortunate in being able to add great talent to our team. This addition allows us to remain at the forefront of the “GREEN Movement.”

Speaking on behalf of the sellers, ARGA President Adam Glasgow said, “American Recycling of Georgia (ARGA) has made a strategic decision to combine efforts with Waste Pro USA in order to grow its share of recyclable material recovery in Georgia and Alabama. This decision was made as a result of prevailing trends, which involve combining strong collection and processing capabilities geared toward maximum waste reduction achievement.”