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The Putnam Way Shows Its Appreciation for Their Garbage Men

The Putnam Way

Community Service Workers of the Week

By Travis Roberts

Let’s face it, there are jobs out there that most of us would not like to do, but there are men and women that take on these jobs in order to support their families. Without these people our lives would be a living hell. This week I want to honor two men who do a job that I do not have the stomach for, please allow me to explain.

Almost every week I take my trash to the curb and forget about it. If you noticed I said, “Almost every week.” Yep, sometimes I forget and that means another week that it sits and grows a stench that keeps most maggots at bay. Then there are times, when the maggots look like pots of rice have been dumped in my trash cans. My point is, “It’s horrible.”

Yet, each week two men show up, grab the trash cans, toss the garbage in the back of that big green truck, sit my cans back in my yard, then disappear down the road; never to get a thank you for their hard work.

This week I want to thank Charlie Thomas and Therabore Harper from Waste Pro for their hard work and dedication to a job that is tougher than most. Thomas has been with Waste Pro for 3.5 years and Harper for 4 months. These two men not only have to smell our garbage, but they work when it’s a thousand degrees outside and when it’s freezing. They work in full sun and when it’s raining cats and dogs.

My point is, without men like these two, our lives would be a smelly mess. So, to Charlie, Therabore, and the rest of the men and women who haul off our waste I want to say, “Thank You so much. We do appreciate what you do, and even though you may seldom hear it, thank you again.”

I hope that you will show your love and thank these two men and all the other men and women who haul off our garbage.

Thanks again Charlie and Therabore!

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