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South Florida Resident Recognizes Waste Pro Crew Members

Donna, a resident of Hollywood, Florida, recently reached out to Waste Pro’s Pembroke Pines team to thank each Waste Pro crew member who services her neighborhood. Several years ago, a Waste Pro truck hit a tree limb in her front yard, but our crew was quick to replace the tree. Since then, Donna has been a Waste Pro “Super Fan!” Read her recent thank you letter below:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the commendable service I have received throughout the past year from your employees. It is with thanks that I recognize the exceptional work of:

Mandrell Rolle, Christopher O’Neal, Demetrius Vickers, Antone Brown (Lid man), Wesley James, Devante (new crew member), Glendale (Blue Bin), Phillip (Blue Bin driver), Vernell (Bulk Trash), Manny (Bulk Trash driver), and all the fine men and women of Waste Pro USA who service my [home] in Hollywood, FL.

Oftentimes, we hear of dissatisfaction with Waste Pro USA in our community. Without a doubt, nothing is perfect and issues can and will occur. For some reason, in this era of social media, people are often quick to criticize. That being said, I felt compelled to take some time to commend what I have seen consistently: a group of hard working and polite individuals who professionally represent your company and fit in with our community’s efforts to live in a clean and pleasant environment. Any issues that have arisen have always been resolved quickly and efficiently.

I hope that this message helps recognize the day-to-day effort by these employees who have reliably established my trust in Waste Pro USA and its employees.

Keep up the GREAT work!