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Welcome, Residents

Waste Pro is a company dedicated to building exceptional resource ecosystems that protect the environment and sustain our communities. Our company was founded in 2001 with three key objectives: to deliver excellent service, maximize recycling and establish cost savings for our customers—and those principles continue to underpin our business today. We are one of the fastest-growing waste management companies in the southern United States with an established network of industry professionals who are able to design and deliver complete waste management services that work regardless of location or waste type. This means we are able to offer local expertise, conduct on-site training, and carry out specialized services.

12/9/2021: Dear Seminole residents and businesses:

Thank you for trusting Waste Pro to provide your solid waste and recycling collection services. The COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the national driver shortage and supply chain delays has increased costs dramatically over the past 18 months. Company-wide, we have increased recruitment efforts through the use of corporate and regional recruiters as well as enhanced advertising efforts. Additional hiring efforts such as recruitment and retention bonuses are also being used to attract qualified candidates. Rate reviews were completed to ensure that wages are competitive to assist with both recruitment and retention. These proactive measures were taken and modified regularly to ensure uninterrupted collection services to assist with keeping your streets clean and safe.

As allowed in our collection agreement, Waste Pro will be implementing a CPI increase (effective 12/1/2021) as well as a disposal increase (effective 10/1/2021) as related to the new tipping fee as implemented by Pinellas County for disposal services.

Residential Monthly Rate Increase: $.67 per home

Commercial Rate Adjustment: 3.74%

Disposal Increase Background:

As you may be aware, on March 12, 2019, the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved Resolution 19-14 to begin increasing the disposal charges at the Waste To Energy Facility beginning 10/1/2019 (excerpt below). The proposed 6% increase per year for a three (3) year period on the disposal charges was approved annually by the BCC effective 10/1/2019. The new disposal rate of $44.70/ton went into effect 10/1/2021.

Thank you for your business.