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Pinellas County

Residential Collection

Residential curbside collection is provided once or twice per week. Your collection day is based on your location.

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All services begin at 7:00 am and all items for collection must be placed curbside by this time. Garbage and recycling are collected by different trucks and may be collected any time after 7:00am on the service day. This means that there is one (1) truck that only collects garbage cans (owned by Waste Pro or the resident), and one (1) truck that only collects Green and Blue Recycle Bins.

If you have twice a week service through Waste Pro, you are allowed up to 6 bags or 3 bundles tied or 2 additional self-owned cans per service. If you have once a week service, you are allowed the Waste Pro cart or 2 self-owned cans per service. Extra garbage may be placed curbside next to the garbage can for collection in plastic bags, and additional collection above your service level will be charged at $1 per bag/can. Each bag/can cannot weigh more than fifty (50) pounds and must be stacked NEATLY at the curb. Remember to keep a three (3) foot clearance between and around each can for collection, and the wheels and handle are to face the house. Please remember to also keep at least a five (5) foot clearance from mailboxes, trees, parked cars, etc.

Waste Pro provides Residential collection and disposal service for household trash, garbage, yard waste and recycle generated from Waste Pro residential customers, which has been properly prepared and contained in the correct refuse container provided by Waste Pro or your own containers.

Waste Pro provides Residential Yard Waste (horticulture) collection and disposal service for all trimmings (branches and limbs from trees and shrubs), grass clippings, fallen fruit, leaves, weeds and palm fronds generated from residential customers, which have been properly contained and placed curb-side for collection. Branches and limbs from trees and shrubs are to be cut in lengths no more than four (4) feet long and tied up in bundles weighing no more than fifty (50) pounds. Palm fronds need to be cut down to 4 feet or less, bundled or tied, only placed in one (1) single neat pile with nothing but palm fronds. Additional yard waste should be placed in a second neat pile and should be bundled and tied up. Small clippings, weeds, grass clippings, etc. may be placed in your own garbage can that: weighs no more that forty (40) gallons in size, is covered with a weatherproof lid, and has handles on both sides, or contained in brown paper or plastic lawn and leaf bag, which may purchased from local stores. Each can or bag of yard waste set out for collection can weigh no more than fifty (50) pounds.

Please call Waste Pro at 727-873-0800 for more information.