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Pembroke Pines

Residential Bulk Collection Rules

Residential customers receive two bulk pick ups per month. Click here to see your bulk trash collection schedule, or call Waste Pro USA at 954-967-4200.

  1. Bulk items are household items such as couches, chairs, mattresses, tables, appliances, carpeting, tree limbs, lumber etc…
  2. Refrigerators, air conditioners, and appliances containing freon will be collected on monthly bulk pick up dates.
  3. All items for collection should be placed at the curb by 7:00 AM on the scheduled date of pick up.
  4. Tree trimmings and tree branches may be placed loose in the swale. Grass trimming should be bagged.
  5. Rugs, carpet, padding, fencing, and materials of this nature should be rolled.
  6. The number of bulk items is unlimited.
  7. Unacceptable items will not be moved in order to collection acceptable items.
  8. Bulk items of a disorderly or hazardous nature will not be collected.
  9. Do not place bulk items for collection next to mailbox, utility pole, or close to a fence.
  10. Any broken glass or tile must be placed in a box and taped closed to prevent injury to the workers picking up bulk items.

Materials Not Accepted for Disposal

The following are unacceptable for collection, due to health, regulatory and safety reasons and will not be picked up by the hauler. The owner is responsible for the legal disposal of these items:

  1. Construction, remodeling or demolition debris, including all concrete materials and bricks or brickwork
  2. Automobile bodies, engines, transmissions, batteries or other parts
  3. Horticultural materials from commercial lawn/yard service or commercial operations
  4. Oils, paints, insecticides, chemicals or other hazardous waste

If you have a question whether an item is acceptable, please call Waste Pro USA before placing it out for pick up at 954-967-4200 or the City of Pembroke Pines at 954-450-6900.