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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is my service going to change?

No, you will be serviced 2 times a week for garbage using the city provided green 96-gallon garbage cart. Please be sure to place the garbage cart at the curb prior to 7 am. Your recycling service does not change.

2. What happens if I can not fit all of my regular garbage inside the cart, can I put it on the side of the cart?

No, if you are not able to place all of your regular garbage inside the cart, then you must wait until your next regular garbage pickup and place it in the cart at that time.

You may also request an additional cart for a monthly charge of $14.82.

3. Is my service day going to change?

No, your service day will remain the same, but the time you are going to be serviced may change, so it is very important to have your garbage cart at the curb prior to 7am. Waste Pro will be servicing your area from 7 am to 6 pm.

4. What happens if I have a small amount of yard waste and bulk waste that is not enough to place out in a pile?

All small yard waste and bulk items such as, small branches, loose leaves, grass clippings etc, can be placed inside your green 96 gallon container on your regular garbage day.

5. What if I own a multifamily complex and I need residential totters?

Multifamily developments four (4) units or less to qualify for residential service. Note: Be sure to ask how many units because – five (5) or more units is considered commercial and/or they may have a separate dumpster service.

6. How do I get rid of my old garbage can?

You will have four options:

  1. Put it out for bulk collection pickup with a note stating “Throw Away”.
  2. For practical use, you can use it as part of collection bulk service to place your smaller items such as; small yard waste clippings, and small bulk items that can fit inside the garbage can.
  3. Put it inside of your new garbage cart for collection; or
  4. You can also leave it the curb with a note stating “Please recycle” and we will collect those containers for that purpose separately.

7. What can I recycle?

The recycle items that are currently collected as part of your recycling pickup will continue to be collected by Waste Pro. In other words, there is no change in the recycling collection program.

8. What if I have white good that need to be picked up?

White goods, such as refrigerators, ranges, water heater freezers and other items, will be picked up on your bulk service day.

9. I have a cleaned out a rental house and have a large pile outside. Can I have a truck pick it up?

Yes, we will have a supervisor review the pile. There may be a cost assessed, but the supervisor will contact you if there is one and when we can pick once we have an agreement to pick up the pile.(all services outside of the contract standards may have a cost assessed and a supervisor should check the pile prior to promising any service).

10. I have a dishwasher to be picked up, is that considered white goods? Do I need special service?

A dishwasher is considered trash and will be picked up on your bulk day.

11. I just moved in. What if I have a lot of boxes?

Place them at the curb next to the recycling bin. We will pick it up on your regular recycling service day. Please make sure that large cardboard boxes are cut in 3×3 section so that it can securely fit inside the collection vehicles.

12. I can’t roll this cart to the curb. Can you get it if I leave it at the side of my house?

Off-street service is possible, please contact the city at 954-602-Help they will review your request and once approved they will notify us and your service will be changed at that time.

13. What if the driver took my personal can and I want it replaced?

We will take all of your information and have a supervisor contact you within 24 hours.

14. My totter is dirty can you bring me a new one?

The totter can be hosed off and/or bleached.(the customer is responsible to maintain the totter for cleanliness).

15. I just received my totter, can I use them now?

No, the contract starts May 1st, 2011 and you will be able to start using the garbage cart on May 2nd, 2011. The current hauler’s last day of service will be April 30th, 2011.

16. I am doing construction in my house and put a toilet and sink outside can they be picked up?

Construction debris is not covered under residential service. We can provide you with a construction container.

17. I had 10 tires outside and they only picked up four (4), what am I to do with the rest?

We are only allowed to pick up 4 tires per home per month.

18. What if my garbage or bulk was missed?

It is Waste Pro’s policy that any missed collection calls received prior to 12PM will be collected on that day by 6PM. Calls received by Waste Pro after 12PM will be collected next day by 12PM. For a quicker response, all residents are urged to utilize the Waste Pro Web based tracking system at It will instantly notify our field supervisors of all service related matters.

19. When can I expect to receive my new city provided garbage cart?

Delivery of all garbage carts will begin on April 11th and will run thru April 29th. If you did not receive your cart by April 29th please contact the city and your cart will be delivered within 24 hours.

20. What items can I put inside my garbage cart?

All of your house-hold generated waste, small yard waste clippings, your old garbage containers, and small house hold items. Please remember to make sure that the lids on your new garbage cart are placed with the lids closed for easy collection with the arrows facing towards the street.

21. What if I need an extra cart because I produce more garbage that one cart can hold?

You can request an additional cart for an additional monthly fee of $14.82. This additional fee would be a per cart fee.

22. How soon will I receive my recycling bins once I make a request.

Waste Pro will deliver one (1) blue recycling bin within 2 weeks of your initial request. There will be a charge of $5.32 for every additional bin after your first bin have has been delivered