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Little Boy Forms Special Bond with Waste Pro Drivers

Every day, our crew strives to be the “distinguishable difference” by going above and beyond expectations and living up to the Waste Pro Way. Below is a letter we received from a customer in DeBary, Florida, recognizing our driver, Alphonso, and assistant, Robert, for the bond they’ve formed with her son.

“My family and I have lived in the community of East and West Debary Plantation for about a year now. Every Tuesday, as trash pickup comes around, it’s the highlight of my 2-year-old’s week. Not because of the big truck coming by (although that is cool to him too) but because of the worker that drives the truck.

You see, about 8 months ago we started leaving Gatorade by the street for the workers. Then our door to keep it cold in the shade. Now, we’re waiting in the driveway with the Gatorades in my toddler’s hands as he’s jumping up and down as the truck arrives blowing its horn. The driver knows my child by name, gives him a high five, and it has created such an amazing bond between the two of them. Let alone, the amazing service this worker provides for our community. Trash cans are never thrown, he has grabbed mine beside the house before when I forgot, and it is always done with a smile.

I’ve attached a photo and a video of the amazing service that’s provided in our community. It’s the gentleman on the right that has been serving our home since we moved here that has such the great bond with Oliver, my son.

And it gets better. I posted this image in our local DeBary Facebook Group. Over 300 likes and, 35 comments, 5 shares, and several other stories about this gentleman that works so hard for our community every week. The stories keep coming about his hard work. You can see them here.

As a business owner, I know people are very quick to call and email about the bad. But we don’t hear often enough the good that’s happening. Tuesday is one of our favorite days of the week thanks to this amazing employee. And I don’t even think he knows the amazing impact he’s having on my son.”