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Leon County

Residential Bulk & Yard Waste

Curbside Pickup

Yard debris will be picked up one (1) day per week on your regularly scheduled garbage day. Large piles of yard debris that are within the scope of service (no more than six feet in length, four feet high, four feet deep, and four inches in diameter) may require a grapple truck to be picked up. A notice will be put on your pile telling you when the larger pile will be picked up.

Bulk waste consists of household goods such as couches, chairs, mattresses, tables, and appliances. These will be handled on an on-call basis. To schedule a pickup please call our office at (850) 606-1899 to set up collection of bulk items.

Other guidelines to follow:

  1. Place all items for collection within (3) three feet of the street, on the customer’s own property, by 6:00 am on the scheduled pick-up day to ensure pick-up.
  2. Bulk items must be placed curbside in a neat and orderly manner.
  3. Do not place bulk items or yard debris for collection next to a mailbox, utility pole or close to a fence.
  4. Bulk waste and yard waste materials must be generated by the resident at the residential unit where the bulky is collected. Commercial materials (such as roofing material, tile, concrete, bricks, stones, etc.) generated by a contractor will not be removed.
  5. Commercial construction materials (roofing material, tile, concrete, bricks, stones, etc.), automotive parts, engines, transmissions, batteries, tires, used oil, paint, insecticides, chemicals and hazardous waste will not be collected.
  6. Vegetative yard debris may be set out to the curb in biodegradable bags, plastic bags or rigid containers. Yard debris may also be tied bundled or stacked in piles at curbside.
  7. Please click here for a map of your service area.

If you experience a “missed pickup” on your collection day, or have any questions, please call the Waste Pro Customer Service Center at (850) 606-1899. Residents may also utilize the Waste Pro Trac-EZ contact form, located . Trac-EZ will send the field supervisor a smart phone message and he/she will promptly address the missed pick-up. You will be able to follow/monitor the progress of you request on-line through Trac-EZ.

Should you wish to dispose of bulk items yourself, you may deliver items to Marpan Recycling located at 6020 Woodville Highway, Tallahassee, FL. Fees will be charged by Marpan. If you have questions, please click here to visit the Marpan website.