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Leon County

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will my new service by Waste Pro start?

New collection by Waste Pro will begin the week of October 1, 2013. An instructional brochure will be delivered with the cart.

2. Will there be changes in frequency or day of service?

Your service will not change. Garbage will still be collected (1) one time per week, and on that same day recycling and yard debris will also be collected. Should you have bulky items such as a couch or refrigerator you can call us at (851) 606-1899 to schedule a pick up. A vast majority of customers will be serviced on the same day as you currently receive service. However a small number of customers will be affected by new service days. These customers will be contacted directly.

3. Will there be changes in the type of service?

No changes to the type of service will occur. Waste Pro will offer garbage, recycling, yard debris and bulky item service. However, Waste Pro will make use of automated trucks to service garbage and recycling. These trucks are specially designed with arms operated by the driver in the cab of the truck. In an automated collection system, the mechanical arm grabs, lifts, empties and returns the container to the ground without the cart being touched by the driver. Additionally, yard debris such as leaves and grass clippings can no longer be accepted with plastic bags at the Solid Waste Facility. As a result, our yard debris workers will rip the bag open, emptying the contents into the truck and disposing of the bag separately. We request your help in avoiding plastic bags for yard debris. Instead use paper bags or place the loose debris into a small container which we will empty and return to you.

4. Will I get new garbage or recycling containers?

We are providing you with a new cart for garbage and recycling. Recycling will become much easier with the introduction of new carts. These recycling carts have wheels and a lid much like a small garbage can. Instead of utilizing your current 18 gallon bins, you will be provided a new convenient cart. You will be able to mix all of your recyclables in one cart without separating paper from cans/bottles.

5. When can I expect to receive my new County provided garbage and recycling carts?

Waste Pro’s service begins October 1st. Delivery of nearly 50,000 carts will begin during the second week of September and will continue through the end of September. Please be patient, if you feel that we have skipped your house you can call us at (850) 606-1899. We ask that you continue to utilize your Waste Management garbage cart until they pick up their cart. Please continue to use your WM recycling bin until October 1st.

6. How do I get rid of my old garbage cart and recycling bin?

As stated above, we will begin delivering carts during the second week of September, and will finish before October 1st. Once our carts are delivered, Waste Management will begin the process of picking up their carts, beginning September 23rd. Please continue to use your Waste Management garbage cart until our cart is delivered. Once it is picked up, you may begin using your new Waste Pro cart. We will deliver your 64 gallon recycling cart at the same time your garbage cart is delivered. Do not begin utilizing your new recycling cart until October 1st. Continue to use your Waste Management bins through September 30th. This is because Waste Management does not have equipment that can service our recycling carts.

7. Will my collection day change?

Some changes in collection days will be necessary due to logistics of the new system. Although we have attempted to minimize route day changes approximately 8% of our customers will experience a day change. These customers will be contacted directly. This small change is due to fine tuning the routes to give you the best service possible. If your service day changes, you will be notified in a separate mailing. All schedule services (garbage, recycling, and yard trash) will be provided on the same day.

8. What happens if I cannot fit all of my regular garbage inside the garbage cart, can I put it on the side of the cart?

Waste Pro will take small amounts of debris left by your cart, but it is preferred that you put everything in your cart if possible.

Other Options:

  1. Attempt to recycle all you can. You may request an additional recycling cart for a one-time charge of $30.00.
  2. Request a special pick up by contacting Waste Pro. With large amounts of debris a fee may be applicable.
  3. You may request an additional garbage cart for a one-time charge of $60.00.

9. What can I recycle?

The recyclable items that are collected as a part of your current recycling program will continue to be the same. Click here for a list of specific items.

10. What if I have bulky items like a couch or refrigerator that need to be picked up?

Bulky and White goods such as refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, water heaters, and other items will be picked up on a call in basis. Please call our office to arrange a bulky item pickup. We will schedule your pickup and give you instructions on what day to place it at the curb. We will service this request within seven days, but generally it will in less time.

11. How do I dispose of other items such as electronics, paints/chemicals, tires, and batteries?

Special items such as this can still be dropped off at the Leon County Solid Waste Facility located at 7550 Apalachee Parkway. To learn more go to

12. I just moved in. What if I have a lot of boxes?

Flatten the boxes and place them at the curb next to your green recycling cart and we will pick them up on your recycling collection day. Boxes larger than 18” X 24” should be cut up and put in your recycling cart.

13. What if the driver took my personal can/container and I want it replaced?

Personal receptacles are encouraged to contain loose yard debris such as leaves and grass clippings. If a receptacle is damaged or missing, please call us at (850) 606-1899 and we will replace the container within three business days of being notified.

14. My garbage cart is dirty will you bring me a new one?

No. Residents are responsible for cleaning their own carts. It is encouraged that all garbage be contained in bags to help maintain the cleanliness. The cart can be hosed off and cleaned with bleach.

15. What are the rules regarding yard debris and what can be put out?

Yard debris pickup collection will not change. Yard debris is picked up one (1) time per week. Loose yard debris such as grass clippings or leaves can be placed in customer provided reusable containers or paper bags (this is the preferred method) or put into plastic bags. Plastic bags are no longer accepted at the Solid Waste Facility. As a result, our yard debris workers will rip the bag open, emptying the contents into the truck and disposing of the bag separately. We request your help in avoiding plastic bags for yard debris. Instead use paper bags or place the loose debris into a small container which we will empty and return to you.

Yard debris such as limbs can be place in piles no larger than six (6) feet in length, four (4) feet in height, four feet in width, and four (4) inches in diameter. Please keep containerized debris to less than 50 pounds.

16. I have a pile of yard debris that exceeds the standard size permitted, what can I do?

Yard debris exceeding dimensions permitted (6 feet in length, 4 feet in height, four feet in width, and 4 inches in diameter) are considered “special service” which can be arranged directly with Waste Pro and a fee will be negotiated based on the pile.

17. What if one of my services is missed?

We apologize for any missed service and will address the concern immediately. When notified prior to 12:00 p.m., Waste Pro will collect any missed pick-ups by 6:00 p.m. that same day. Calls received after 12:00 p.m. will be collected by noon the following day. For a quicker response time for collection issues, residents are urged to utilize the Waste Pro Trac-EZ contact form, located here. This program will instantly notify our field supervisors of all service related matters and result in a quicker response time. You may also call us at (850) 606-1899.

18. Where do I place my garbage and recycling? What about my yard debris and bulky waste?

This is a very important question. Waste Pro is utilizing automated side load trucks to service your garbage and recycling. Carts need to be placed approximately three feet from the curb or edge of the road. All carts need to be place three feet from any obstructions such as a mail box. Carts also need to be a minimum of three feet apart to allow the arm to pick up a cart without knocking another one over. Since these trucks dump overhead, it is also imperative that you keep your garbage and recycling carts away from any low objects such as power lines, telephone lines and tree branches. Bulky items also need to be placed away from obstacles such as mailboxes and kept away from overhead lines.

19. My cart has been damaged, what do I do?

Waste Pro will replace the cart within five business days of being notified. Residents may contact Waste Pro to report an issue at (850) 606-1899 or utilize the Waste Pro Trac-EZ contact form, located here. Trac-EZ will send the field supervisor a smart phone message and he/she will promptly address your issue. You will be able to follow/monitor the progress of you request on-line through Trac-EZ.

20. What if I am disabled and cannot take my cart to the curb?

Waste Pro offers back door service to any resident who is medically unable to bring their trash and recycling to the curb at no additional charge. In order to qualify for this service, the resident simply needs to fax or email a copy of one of the following items:

Letter certifying that there is no one in your house that can take out your garbage.
Letter from a Physician

Any of the above items can be faxed to (850) 531-0800 or emailed to

21. Can I receive back door service as a convenience?

Back door service can be provided at an additional cost of $15.00 per month. The fee will be adjusted on a case-by-case basis for collection of carts that are further than 150 feet from the curb. Please contact our office to set up an appointment and a supervisor will come out and price this special service.

22. What about holiday collection?

Holidays are considered to be: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. For the week in which a holiday occurs, collection shall be one day following the normally scheduled collection day for all days of the week.

23. Bears have been known to roam my neighborhood. What can I do to protect my cart?

Contact Waste Pro at (850) 606-1899 and request a bear resistant cart. Bear resistant carts cost more than a traditional cart, therefore a fee ($250.00) will apply for the cost of the cart, as well as a delivery fee ($30.00). The option to make small monthly lease payments ($8.00) is available. Additionally the delivery fee can be avoided for those residents with the ability to bring their existing waste cart to Waste Pro and take the new bear cart with you. There will be no additional fee for serving the cart beyond the standard subscription rate paid by all residents.

24. When will I receive a bill?

Waste Pro’s Leon County customers are billed on a quarterly basis as follows:

  • December 20th bill for January, February and March services.
  • March 20th bill for April, May and June services.
  • June 20th bill for July, August and September services.
  • September 20th bill for October, November and December services.

25. When is my payment due?

All payments are due upon receipt.  To avoid any service interruptions, please make sure your payment is received within 30 days from your bill date.