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Holmes Beach

Residential Recycling

Recycle all together now!

Items NOT Acceptable for Single Stream Recycling: Plastic bags, plastic tubs, styrofoam, pizza boxes, food waste, yard waste, and garbage.

The following items may be recycled:

  1. Aluminum: beverage containers, foil, casserole pans and pie plates.
  2. Cans: Steel and tin.
  3. Glass. Clear (flint), brown (amber) and green, blue food and beverage jars and bottles. Paper labels, rings and lids on glass containers are acceptable.
  4. Clean Plastics #1-7. PET containers, such as beverage bottles, dishwashing soap bottles, shampoo bottles and similar items. Blow molded, closed mouth natural and colored HDPE containers generally consisting of plastic milk jugs, water bottles, detergent bottles and similar items. Paper labels are acceptable. Rinsed containers that may have held toxic or contaminated materials are acceptable.

Preparation: Residents shall be asked to rinse the items and remove organics, other contents, labels, lids and plastic caps, but there is no requirement for these to be removed from recyclable containers. Inclusion of organics, caps, lid, labels and other contents shall not be reason for rejection. All recyclable materials may be place in the same container for collection.

Recyclable paper consists of the following materials:

  1. Old newsprint. All loose or paper bagged newsprint is acceptable and includes all paper that is distributed with or as part of general circulation newspapers.
  2. Old corrugated containers. All loose old corrugated containers that are flattened, and either cut down or folded to size of no more than 4′ X 4′ flattened and 2′ X 2′ square. Staples and tape do not have to be removed.
  3. Brown Paper Bags. All loose or bagged Kraft paper sacks used to hold newspaper.
  4. Telephone Books. Old telephone directories.
  5. Magazines. Old magazines including catalogs and similar printed material with glossy pages.
  6. Paperboard Cartons. Cereal boxes (without plastic liner), drink boxes, snack boxes etc. Wax-coated paperboard is acceptable.
  7. Mixed Residential Paper. Mixed paper, including shredded paper, may include all of the following: junk mail, high-grade paper, white and colored ledger, copier paper, office paper, laser printer paper, computer paper including continuous formed perforated white bond or green bar paper, book paper, cotton fiber content paper, duplicator paper, form bond, manifold business forms, mimeo paper, note pad paper, loose leaf fillers, stationery, writing paper, paper envelopes including envelopes with plastic windows, carbonless (NCR) paper, tabulating cards, facsimile paper, and manila folders.