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Residential Recycling

Household recycling is collected one (1) time per week. Your pickup schedule is Thursday for everyone in Town.

The following items may be recycled:

  1. Aluminum: beverage containers, foil, casserole pans and pie plates.
  2. Glass: Any color food and beverage jars and bottles. Paper labels, rings and lids on glass containers are acceptable.
  3. Cans: empty aerosol cans, steel and tin.
  4. Plastics: plastic containers labeled 1 through 7, such as soda bottles, dishwashing soap, and shampoo bottles; HDPE natural and colored containers such as milk jugs, water bottles and detergent bottles. Labels are acceptable. For maximum efficiency, please rinse the above items and remove the original contents, and labels. These items will not be rejected if they are not rinsed.
  5. Electronic Waste: As an additional benefit of GOING GREEN with Waste Pro, you may, at no additional cost, include your electronic waste as acceptable recycling material. Please call 321-837-0055 to schedule the collection of your electronic waste.
  6. Paper and Cardboard: All loose newspaper, corrugated containers that are flattened, cut down or folded to 4′ x 4′ flattened and 2′ x 2′ square. Brown paper or craft paper bags, telephone books, TV guides, magazines, catalogs and glossy print publications; paperboard such as cereal boxes or soda & beer cartons, toilet paper & paper towel rolls, drinks/snack boxes and wax coated paperboard; mixed use residential and office paper; shredded paper, catalogues, junk mail, computer and school paper, envelopes, envelopes with windows and manila folders.

Preparation: Although it is not mandatory, Residents are asked to rinse all items and remove organics, other contents, labels, lids and plastic caps, to assist in the recycling efforts and to cut down on bugs and rodent problems. Inclusion of organics, caps, lid, labels and other contents shall not be reason for rejection. All recyclable materials are to be placed in the same container for collection.

  1. Items NOT Acceptable for Single Stream Recycling: Plastic bags, plastic tubs, and garbage.