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Germantown Honors Sanitation Provider for Excellent Service

In recognition of Global Garbage Man Day on Sunday, June 17, the Germantown Environmental Commission and Neighborhood Services staff hosted a luncheon on Tuesday, June 19, to show their appreciation to Waste Pro. Waste Pro is the City’s local solid waste contractor, which recently celebrated the two-year anniversary of their contract with the City. Waste Pro was founded on the goal to transform the waste and recycling industry into a values-driven service. At Waste Pro, they honor a culture of dependability, doing the right thing, and being connected to their customers, communities, regulators and each other. Joe Nunes, Neighborhood Services Manager, stated “The dedicated workers collecting trash and recycling often don’t receive recognition for a job well done, but we intend to change that.”

Germantown residents can also show their appreciation for Waste Pro with simple gestures such as a friendly wave in the mornings or going outside on a hot day and offering them a cold drink. Joe Nunes adds, “The City has been very pleased with the performance by Waste Pro and wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks.” The City of Germantown could not be more appreciative of these ladies and gentlemen for all that they do in order to keep Germantown clean. Thank you, Waste Pro!

Originally published by the City of Germantown, TN
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