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Family Bonds with Ocala Waste Pros

Here at Waste Pro, we love seeing our customers form special relationships with the drivers and helpers who service their neighborhoods. Below is a wonderful letter we received from an Ocala resident about the bond they’re formed with two of our team members:


Just wanted to brag on two of your workers. Howard and Curtis. We have had them doing our routine for a long time. And they are the most respectful, hardworking, workers that I have ever seen. My mom watches my daughter and my nieces and nephew, and they love each and every one of our babies like their own. Howard always brings the garbage can up to where my mom keeps it for her, always plays around with the kids. Curtis always waves, gets out and plays around with the kids as well, always honks the horn for them. They are just amazing! We show how thankful we are to them with gift cards, Easter Baskets, Christmas gifts. You name it!

I know that the men don’t always get a good rep. But these guys deserve the recognition for their awesome kindness they show!

Thank you so much,
Amanda Ivey