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Residential Collection

Please place your household garbage, yard trash and recycling curbside by 6 a.m.

If you are physically unable to place your containers curbside, you may request a medical waiver from your doctor qualifying you for rear door services.

Household Garbage

This includes food scraps, packaging, clothes, small appliances and other non-recyclables. Waste Pro will pick up two contractor-provided garbage bins 96-gallon or 64-gallon in size, or customer provided bins that are equivalent in size and durability, are a square style with a hinged lid and lift bar. (Neither the City nor contractor will be responsible for damage to customer provided bin(s).) All garbage must be bagged and placed inside the bin. For curbside collection, place the bin(s) within four feet of the curb with the wheels facing towards the house, lid opening facing the street.

Yard Waste

This includes grass, leaves, shrubs and tree trimmings only. Each residential property is entitled to place up to sixteen bags of yard waste or bundled piles of limbs, per residence. The bags and/or piles of limbs may be placed in 32, 64, or 96 gallon bin(s). The 96-gallon bin may also be used for yard waste. Palm fronds and limbs may be neatly stacked and are required to be bundled (no piles will be picked up). Limbs should not exceed four feet in length, six inches in diameter or sixty pounds. Yard waste is picked up at the curb and mulched at the landfill for reuse.

Bulk Trash

Residents must schedule a pickup with Waste Pro for all items that are too big to fit in the garbage bin. Please call (386) 574-0723 prior to taking the item(s) to the curb. Residents can place one large (appliance, bed, couch, etc.) or two small (chair, end table, etc.). For excessive amounts of bulk trash, demolition or construction debris, residents must call Waste Pro for a price quote on collection. Fees may apply.

Customers may order additional bulk pickup’s for an additional charge.

Hazardous waste materials, such as paint, insecticides, motor oil, batteries, etc., are not collected and should be taken to the nearest hazardous waste drop-off site.

Please contact 386-574-0778 for additional information.