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Columbus, MS Driver Receives Franklin Award

 L to R:  Robert Clarke (Driver), Phillip Crossly     (Division Manager), Gevauhn Johnson, Blake Moore (Mechanic), Mike Eads     (Operations Manager), and Lennard Brown (Driver).

COLUMBUS, MS May 8th, 2012 –  On May 4th, roll off driver for Mississippi Industrial Waste, a Waste Pro Company, Gevauhn Johnson received a Franklin Award (a crisp $100 dollar bill) for going above and beyond his job requirements.  Gevauhn assisted a commercial customer with their dumpster that had been filled beyond capacity.  Not only did Gevauhn remove the excess garbage surrounding the dumpster, along with emptying the dumpster, but he did it with a smile and a positive attitude.  For his dedication to customer service, Division Manager, Phillip Crossly gave Gevauhn a Franklin Award.  The Franklin Award was created by Waste Pro President and CEO, John Jennings, and is an impromptu gift, in recognition of an employee’s exceptional work ethic and attitude.

The following email was sent to the local office, prompting this award:

The purpose of this email is to commend Gevauhn for his exemplary job this morning at the Palmer Home Thrift Store in Starkville.  When we arrived at work our dumpster had been overloaded with bins and bags of trash.  This trash was brought after we closed for business yesterday.  There were also boxes, bins and bags of garbage beside the dumpster.  When Gevauhn arrived I asked him if I needed to get some of the garbage off of the top of the dumpster.  He said that he would be glad to do it for us.  He climbed on the side of the dumpster and removed the bins and bags of garbage.  There was even some used cat litter mixed in with the garbage.  He removed enough of the garbage so that his net would go over the top of it.  I realize that is not in his job description.  It is really our responsibility to remove the excess garbage from the top.  Please express to him our appreciation for doing this for us.  We realize that he went way above the responsibilities of his job.  We wanted to let you know what an outstanding employee you have in Gevauhn.


Kizzie Outlaw, Manager

Palmer Home Starkville Thrift Store