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Cape Canaveral

Residential Recycling

Household recycling is collected one (1) time per week. Please click on the following link for a map of your service area: MAP of Recycling Schedule

  1.  Zone one (1) residential household recycling is collected on Tuesdays.
  2.  Zone two (2) residential household recycling is collected on Fridays.

Please ONLY recycle the following items:

  1.  Empty/clean plastic bottles
  2.  Empty/clean aluminum cans
  3.  Newspapers
  4.  Paper
  5.  Flattened cardboard

Preparation: Although it is not mandatory, Residents are asked to rinse all items and remove organics, other contents, labels, lids and plastic caps, to assist in the recycling efforts and to cut down on bugs and rodent problems. Inclusion of organics, caps, lid, labels and other contents shall not be reason for rejection. All recyclable materials are to be placed in the same container for collection.

Please DO NOT recycle  the following items:

  1.  Plastic bags
  2.  Food waste
  3.  Glass
  4.  Soiled or waxed cardboard (ex: pizza boxes)