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Knight's Disposal Has Ceased Operation

Waste Pro has acquired the trucks and containers formerly owned by Knight’s Disposal and we’ve also taken on the majority of Knight’s former employees. Waste Pro is the largest residential and commercial waste collection company in Northeast Arkansas, and we ensure our continued commitment of quality service for our new customers.

To ensure uninterrupted service, set up your account by calling Waste Pro at 870-293-3076.

Waste Pro is Committed to Serving You

Thank you, residents and businesses, for your strong support and welcoming of Waste Pro to Blytheville and Mississippi County during the past two years.

Las year, we were fortunate to acquire Downum’s Waste Services in the Jonesboro area. This fourth generation business chose Waste Pro because of our private ownership and reputation for quality service.

We recently purchased the majority of Knight’s Disposal’s assets from Farmers Bank & Trust of Blytheville and have opened a Regional Operations Facility at the former Air Force Base in Blytheville. This means we are fully staffed and equipped to serve you.

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Waste Pro has a unique workplace culture that guides how we support our committed and passionate employees.

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