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Residential Recycling

*Optional Curbside Recycling Service is available for an additional $9.00 per month billed quarterly

Waste Pro will provide recycling customers once-per-week service. Customer will be provided one 96-gallon container. To ensure that your collection is not missed, please place your recycling container at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your assigned collection day.

Household Recyclable items include:
• Newspaper & Inserts
• Magazines & Catalogs
• Junk Mail & Envelopes
• Cardboard
• Phone Books
• Office and School Papers (colored paper)
• Brown Paper Bags (grocery)
• Boxboard (cereal, cake & cracker boxes, etc.)
• Plastics No. 1 through 7
• Plastic Milk Jugs 2-Liters, Bottles and Containers (must be washed out)
• Aluminum Cans & Lids
• Balls of Tin Foil, Foil Pie Tins
• Egg Cartons (cardboard only at this time)

Do not recycle:
• Contaminated cardboard (Ex: Pizza Boxes)
• Styrofoam
• Plastic Bags – Please check with your local grocery stores to see if they collect plastic bags for recycling.
• Empty Plastic Bags
• Ice Cream Cartons
• Waxy/Paper Milk Cartons
• Aerosol Cans
• Juice Boxes / Bags
• Garbage or Yard Waste
• Garden Hoses
• Window Blinds
• Tarps
• Bedding or Linens
• Carpeting or Rugs
• Construction Materials