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North Redington Beach

Residential Collection

Residential Collection Service Sign Up

Waste Pro provides collection and disposal service for all household trash and garbage generated from residential customers which has been properly prepared and stored.

Please place your household garbage, yard trash and recycling curbside the night before your scheduled collection day or by 7 a.m. on the day of your scheduled service.

Collection Days:

Household Garbage (solid waste & yard waste) is collected two (2) times per week. Your collection days are on Mondays and Thursdays.

Residential Single Stream (commingled) Recycling is collected one (1) time per week. Your collection days are Wednesdays.

Solid Waste & Yard Waste Collection:

  • Use the Green Cart or your customer owned containers for garbage ONLY.
  • Bag ALL garbage before placing in cart/container.
  • Please bag all yard clippings/leaves.
  • Palm fronds and tree limbs are not to exceed 4 ft. in length and should be placed curbside neatly stacked.

Side Door Service:

Medical side door service is available at no additional charge for residents who qualify medically during an annual qualification process.

Side Door service is available to all residents at an additional cost.

Special Haul Service for Bulk Items:

Special haul services for bulk items (ie: furniture, mattresses, tables) may be requested for a special fee. Please take note of the community bulk events.