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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are my services changing?

Services are being expanded to include more recyclable items, yard waste, electronic waste, and bulky/white goods pick-ups.

2. What are the pick-up schedules?

Your regular garbage pick-up will occur on a weekly basis (see calendar for pick-up day).

Curbside yard waste collection will occur on a weekly basis.

Recycling collection and bulk/white goods collection will occur every other week, on your regular pick-up day.

E-waste collection must be scheduled through Waste Pro by calling 704-821-7578.

Pick-up schedules will be delivered with the new cart. Also available for download here.

3. What are the newly accepted recyclable items?

Empty Aerosol Can (no Paint Cans)
1-7 Plastics
Wide Mouth Plastic Containers and Lids
Rigid Plastic Containers and Small Hard Plastic Toys
Milk & Juice Cartons & Juice Boxes
Shredded Paper (placed in clear bag)

4. Will my containers change?

New 96 gallon carts will be provided by Waste Pro, at no extra cost.

Each Resident will receive one cart for solid waste and one cart for recyclables.

Yard Waste may be bagged or bundled. Residents may also request an additional cart for yard waste by calling 704-821-7578. Yard waste should NOT be placed in the cart used for garbage.

5. Where do I put my new containers for pick-up?

Carts should be placed curbside, with the handle facing your house, several feet from vehicles, shrubs, hydrants, mailboxes, etc.

Do not block sidewalks or place carts in the street

Roll out carts by 7 AM and roll them in by midnight, on your designated pick-up day.

6. Who do I call if I have questions?

If you have any questions regarding cart replacement, containers, acceptable items, or general service related questions, call Waste Pro 704-821-7578.