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Gwinnett County

Welcome, Gwinnett County Residents


We are making improvements to serve you, our valued Gwinnett County customers, and are reviewing our routes to make them more efficient. Although your actual pickup days will not be affected, your pickup time may be earlier, or later, than it has been in the past. Please make sure that you have your trash and recycle carts at the curb by 7:00 am on your service day. This will help ensure that your trash and recycling will be picked up no matter what time we come through your area.  

Waste Pro is a company dedicated to building exceptional resource ecosystems that protect the environment and sustain our communities. Our company was founded in 2001 with three key objectives: to deliver excellent service, maximize recycling and establish cost savings for our customers—and those principles continue to underpin our business today.  We are one of the fastest-growing waste management companies in the southern United States with an established network of industry professionals who are able to design and deliver complete waste management services that work regardless of location or waste type.  This means we are able to offer local expertise, conduct on-site training, and carry out specialized services. 


Set Out Guidelines for Unincorporated Gwinnett County Residents

Please follow these guidelines to be sure your trash is collected efficiently.

All residential garbage and recyclables will be picked up between 7:00am and 6:30pm, Monday through Friday. Homeowners should put the garbage cart and recycling bins curbside no earlier than 3:30pm the day before pickup day, but prior to 7:00am on collection day. Emptied carts and bins must be removed no later than the day following collection day.

Residential base service includes weekly collection of one 95-gallon bin of solid waste and an unlimited volume of recyclables. Base service also includes collection of bulky items and white goods. Residents should contact their designated hauler directly to schedule bulky item or white good pickup.

There have been some updates to Gwinnett County Solid Waste services. Please click here to view these updates

Residential haulers may also provide additional elective services at the request of residents. Fees for elective services are billed by the hauler to the resident and are not regulated by the County.