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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are my services changing?

Good News! Your services will remain the same.

2. What are the pick-up schedules?

Residential garbage pick-up will occur on your regularly scheduled pick-up day, twice weekly, although times of day may vary.

Recycling collection will also remain on your regularly schedule pick-up day on a weekly basis, although times of day may vary.

Bulk goods will be collected every week, on your regular pick-up day.

3. What are the accepted recyclable items?

Aluminum Cans
Metal Food Cans
Magazines & Phonebooks
Newspapers & Inserts
Plastics Numbered 1 and 2
Glass – Clear, Green, and Brown

NOTE: Thoroughly rinse all aluminum, glass, and plastic recyclables before placing them in your bin. This will prevent unwanted bugs and odors.

4. Will my containers change?

Yes, but do not begin using them until October 1st. New 96 gallon carts will be provided by Waste Pro, at no extra cost. Delivery of the new carts will take place September 1st through September 27th.

In addition to the new garbage cart, each Resident will receive one recycling bin.

5. Where do I put my new containers for pick-up?

Carts should be placed curbside, with the handle facing your house, two feet from vehicles, shrubs, hydrants, mailboxes, etc.

Roll out carts by 7 AM and roll them in by midnight, on your designated pick-up day

Do not block sidewalks or place carts in the street

6. Will you service my old container if I just keep using it?

No. Carts provided by previous solid waste companies will not be serviced past October 7th.

7. What do I do with my old container?

Place your old cart at the curb, upside down, for pick-up after October 1st.

8. Who do I call if I have questions?

If you have any questions regarding cart replacement, containers, acceptable items, or general service related questions, call Waste Pro at 800-901-7072.