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Challenging the Big National Waste Companies

John Jennings, a key player in the Florida solid waste collection industry for many years, founder of Jennings Environmental Services, is back with a new company, Waste Pro USA, and is on a fast track growth plan this time to develop a regional size company. In addition to the Florida market, where he and his key staff members are so well known, he has expanded his target area to include Georgia and South Carolina for a tri-state company.

In the remarkably short time period of only eighteen (18) months, through acquisition and exceptionally rapid internal growth, Waste Pro has developed an annual run rate in excess of $15 million. The pace of acquisitions is growing with two (2) being closed in the past thirty (30) days and numerous others under consideration.

Waste Pro’s Staff have pin-pointed certain metropolitan as well as rural areas based upon specific key factors such as; population growth predictions, existing competitions vulnerabilities and Waste Pro managements name recognition. This multi-faceted approach is a unique way of looking at the solid waste industry for the best location to place your endeavors and investment.

Municipal contracts and privatizations are a key part of Waste Pro’s plans for future growth. The new company has a big head start in this endeavor. One of the key members of their senior management staff is Bob Hyres. He was formerly Waste Management’s Government Affairs Director. He is currently the Florida Board of Governors representative for the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) and was, earlier this year awarded the Distinguished Service award for the NSWMA and is very well known in the municipal contracting market having also received an award from the United States Conference of Mayors for the privatization of solid waste services for the City of Holly Hill, Florida.

People are the key to any organization. In addition to Waste Pro’s senior staff recent management recruitments include John Bellamy in Georgia and South Carolina. Both John has extensive experience in his area and formerly held senior level management positions with nationally known waste firms.

Waste Pro’s striking and environmentally themed blue and green trucks and containers are showing in numerous parts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. High quality and personalized service are the trademarks of John Jennings companies and are a key element of their marketing strategy. For example just this month Waste Pro was awarded the municipal waste collection contract for the Town of Windermere in Orange County, Florida and the City of Lake Helen in Volusia County, even though they were underbid, in both instances, by one of the big National companies. The proven service history of Waste Pro’s management team was the deciding factor not the low bid.