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Cape Coral

Commercial Collection

Waste Pro is willing to design a recycling program to fit your needs. Please contact us at 239-337-0800 for more information. Services for commercial trash and garbage will be provided no less than two (2) times per week.

Per the county’s requirements, compactor service shall be no less than one (1) time per week.

Commercial collection services are provided Monday-Saturday.  Should an emergency collection service be required, we will provide service on a Sunday.  In the event a compactor is not working properly,  we are able to deliver an open top box (additional fees may apply).

Waste will be collected in carts, mechanical dumpsters, open tops or compactors. Carts are available in 96-gallon size.

Mechanical dumpsters are 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-cubic yards in size. We are able to supply lock bars and wheels for additional fees. Wheels are not able to be placed on containers larger than 4 yds. in size.
Compactors come in size ranging from 17 to 40 yds. and open tops come in sizes ranging from 10-30 cubic yards. There is a rental option for compactors.

Please call us at 239-337-0800 with any questions concerning billing or services.