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Women of Waste Pro: Lisa Jeroux

Women of Waste Pro

Lisa Jeroux
Corporate Payroll Administrator
Longwood, FL

Even if you haven’t met Lisa Jeroux, she is one of Waste Pro’s most integral employees – she’s one of two, who make sure everyone gets paid.

Jeroux joined Waste Pro in 2018. As Corporate Payroll Administrator, she not only conducts audits to make sure everyone is getting paid correctly, she also is responsible for reporting employee information to government agencies, wage and hour records to insurance companies, and more.

“My job is to help everyone concentrate on their job and not worry about what their paycheck is going to look like and keep things running smoothly,” she said.

Jeroux comes from a military family and, though she has traveled around the country a lot, she has always made a career in human resources and payroll.

Before joining Waste Pro, Jeroux spent 10 years in California where she was the head of HR, Benefits, and Payroll for a healthcare staffing agency for nurses. What people may not know about her is she once worked for Pentaho, which was in the process of being purchased by Hitachi, an international company based out of Tokyo, Japan. During her time with the company, Jeroux learned how to process payroll in eight countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

“Google was my friend,” Jeroux said. “They sent everything to me via email or postal mail, and I would upload the documents and use Google to translate them and figure out the taxes and regulations. I really enjoyed learning that.”

She also once served as the Vice President of Human Resources for a company in Ireland.

Now at Waste Pro, Jeroux looks forward to hearing the frequent success stories of her colleagues across the company.

“The Co-Heart Drivers, when someone has been accident-free for three years, when someone is promoted, I really like that everyone shares each other’s achievements,” she said. “I think it’s really exciting that Waste Pro promotes from within.”

Though the pandemic did present a challenge for Jeroux and the group she supports, she says she is proud of how well everyone on both the corporate and regional sides did while working remotely despite the added pressure nearly everyone has felt over the last year and a half.

“We’ve been able to process payroll without missing a beat. I know quite a few payroll people at other companies and it did not go as well for them,” she said.

Jeroux has made it a point, now more than ever, to stay current with technology. In the early days of her career, she said, payroll was very difficult to process and it would take hours to physically hand out paychecks. Now, she said, it can be done instantly with the push of a button.

The key to success, Jeroux said, is to always challenge yourself.

“Always step up and try to do a little better,” she said. “Try to give your employer and the employees a better product and service all the time.”

In her free time, Jeroux likes to visit her friends and family and is an avid swimmer in the Florida springs. She loves the water and has also swam in springs in California and Arkansas.