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Waste Pro’s Solar & Green Initiative Factsheet

Innovative Solar Roof System

Advanced Solar System Capabilities:

  • Flat Flexlight photovoltaic modules are flexible and fully adhere to the roof surface
  • Flexlight is the only photovoltaic product that passed Miami-Dade notice of acceptance with wind tunnel testing for up to 148 mph wind.
  • The innovative system is extremely light sensitive and designed to produce energy even in low light, including a full moon.
  • The photo voltaic (PV) modules are warranted to stay adhered for 20 years.
  • It is the only PV product made from amorphous ‘Triple Junction’ silicon for less diminished production in Florida’s high heat and more production in low light levels.
  • Flexlight has ‘by-pass diodes’ every 8% of the module surface instead of the industry standard of 30% enabling more efficient energy production.
  • It provides over 15% more energy than standard crystalline of the same wattage.

Roof & Power Specifications:

  • Waste Pro’s 25 kW solar power plant covers 5,000 sq. ft. of roof area.
  • It provides 120 kW hours of electricity per day, enough to cover most of the building’s needs.
  • Energy not consumed will be sent back to the utility grid for credit.
  • Return on Investment: Within 18 to 24 months based on a Florida solar rebate, a federal energy tax credit, and annual depreciation.

Project Partner

Waste Pro partnered with EcoTechnologies Inc. headquartered in Sarasota. This full-service, green building company provides advanced solar technology including the Flexlight Photo Voltaic modules. It also provides a wide range of energy, water, indoor air quality and environmental performance products and services for residential, business and institutional applications. EcoTechnologies is located at 2101 47th Street, Sarasota 34234. Telephone: 941-364-5900,

Additional ‘Green’ Initiatives

Waste Pro has already implemented a ‘Blue Sky-Green Earth’ policy with other initiatives for ‘green’ management:

  • The company is working to have the solar-powered building itself certified as ‘green’.
  • Waste Pro is one of the first garbage companies in the country to use hybrid electric/fuel waste hauling trucks.
  • Trucks include an advanced oil purification system that cuts oil changes to save oil and reduce the firm’s carbon footprint.