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WASTE PRO USA Approves RSC Bio Solutions’ EnviroLogic® Hydraulic Fluid For use in Fleet

 Waste Pro USA confident in readily biodegradable product after trial testing program

Charlotte, N.C. (Nov. 13, 2013) – Waste Pro USA, Inc. announced today that it is has approved RSC Bio Solutions’ EnviroLogic hydraulic fluids in its fleet of 1,500 solid waste vehicles, following a year- long test program. Waste Pro is a privately-owned solid waste collection, recycling, processing and disposal company, serving more than two million customers in eight states from more than 500 operating locations.

“Unfortunately, hydraulic fluid leaks and spills are inevitable in our business,” said Bob Nicholas, corporate fleet director for Waste Pro. “Because of the negative response to petroleum-based fluid spills from the communities Waste Pro serves, we considered the many green lubricant options available to our company and decided to partner with RSC Bio Solutions because of EnviroLogic’s value, performance and environmental benefits.”

The two companies announced in May that RSC Bio Solutions had begun supplying Waste Pro with its EnviroLogic fluids on a limited basis at the close of a 12-month testing program. After reviewing the test outcome and the subsequent performance on a fleet, Waste Pro has made the decision to transition readily biodegradable, biobased EnviroLogic fluids across its organization.

“At the completion of the 12-month field demonstration in Concord, N.C., we found that the EnviroLogic products held up in our equipment and operations and exceeded all of our expectations,” said Nicholas. “Now we’re encouraging our current municipal customers and franchisees to consider using EnviroLogic 168 fluid instead of petroleum-based fluids because of the benefits to our customers and to our internal operational savings. Use of EnviroLogic lubricants also reinforces Waste Pro’s commitment to sustainability, complementing our CNG fleet conversion and other green initiatives.”

RSC Bio Solutions’ fluid delivers approximately 50 percent longer oil life, resulting in fewer oil changes and leaving original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranties intact. Along with the operation savings, Waste Pro considers the EnviroLogic fluid to be a differentiator against the competition in municipal and commercial opportunities from an operational and corporate image perspective. EnviroLogic hydraulic fluids are also viewed more favorably by regulatory authorities when spills occur because they are readily biodegradable—meaning greater than 60 percent biodegradation of the fluid components occur within 28 days or less according to ASTM 5864 and D7373 test standards. With the readily biodegradable, biobased solution commonly negative public events are transformed into positive public image opportunities.

The testing program was modeled for a fleet size of 40 trucks with hydraulic fluid reservoirs of approximately 30 gallons each. The results caused Waste Pro to estimate it would gain efficiency in equipment uptime while lowering its related service labor and disposal costs by 33 percent per fleet of 40 trucks. Any remediation costs would decrease by as much as 68 percent for the test fleet because spill risks, impact and clean-up costs can be significantly lower than with petroleum-based fluid spills.

“Our customers, like Waste Pro, see the risk mitigation and financial benefits of EnviroLogic fluids in their operational and spill remediation costs, all while reducing the environmental impact of spills or leaks,” said Mike Guggenheimer, president and CEO for RSC Bio Solutions. “In addition, we provide our customers with ways to inform their service communities about their corporate sustainability initiatives through truck decals about the fluids and other communication efforts.”

The EnviroLogic 100 series of hydraulic fluids can perform in temperatures of -40° to 200° F and pressures up to 5000 psi. With the ability to work in extreme temperatures, downtime from winter lows and summer highs can be diminished. The EnviroLogic 100 series, including EnviroLogic 168, are ideal for mobile hydraulic systems operating in environmentally sensitive areas, like neighborhoods and municipalities. The hydraulic fluid is approved by or meets the specifications of more than 50 major OEMs.

About RSC Bio Solutions, LLC

Established in 2010 and headquartered in North Carolina, RSC Bio Solutions is an affiliate of RSC Chemical Solutions and is focused on providing high performance chemistries that are safer, non-hazardous and environmentally responsible. To expand its offerings further, RSC Bio Solutions’ parent company, Blumenthal Holdings, recently acquired a controlling interest in a 17-year-old company, Terresolve Technologies, Ltd., and its EnviroLogic® product lines, including readily biodegradable functional fluids and oils that are tested and proven in some of the toughest environments possible. For more information, visit

 About Waste Pro USA, Inc.

Waste Pro is one of this country’s fastest growing privately owned solid waste collection, recycling, processing and disposal companies, operating in eight southeastern states.  Serving more than  two million customers from more than 500 operating locations, Waste Pro USA is headquartered in Longwood, Fla., and maintains more than  250 exclusive municipal contracts and franchises.  For more information, visit