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Waste Pro Driver Hailed Hero in Florida

For Immediate Release                               

Media Contact: Melissa Catalanotto
Corporate Communications Manager

CROSS CITY, FL – January 4, 2021 – A Waste Pro Driver in Cross City, FL is being hailed a hero after helping rescue a man who had collapsed at his home.

Division Manager Trip Lancaster; Driver Kenneth McGarrah; Operations Manager Darren Matthews

The resident, whose name is George, said in a letter to Waste Pro he had been placed on a new medication and had a drop in blood pressure the week before Christmas. His wife found him collapsed in their yard. Driver Kenneth McGarrah of Waste Pro’s Fanning Springs Division was in the right place at the right time and drove by as George’s wife waved her arms for help.

McGarrah stopped his truck, called 911, and helped stabilize George until an ambulance arrived.

McGarrah said he simply did what anyone would do.

“I got out to help someone, the ambulance showed, and I left,” he said.

Thankfully, George has fully recovered and was able to celebrate Christmas at home.

“Thanks to Waste Pro for being such a good neighbor to us, especially Kenneth,” he said in the letter.

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