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John Surmon: Future Waste Pro

John Surmon has been obsessed with everything garbage since age three. He and his family live in California but come to visit his grandparents in Little Ole Hoxie, AR every summer. John is 14 years old now, and his passion for trash trucks grows stronger each day!

We first met John in 2020 when his mother called us interested in getting her son a tour of our Jonesboro, AR facility. We did just that, even setting up a Touch-A-Truck with one of our $10,000 Safety Award drivers, Donnie Galbreath.

This year, we got the call again. They were coming to town! We set up a ride-along with Donnie for John, who was thrilled with the adventure! After his mother told us that he has a shelf in his room dedicated to trash trucks, we made sure to complete his trip with a bag of Waste Pro goodies to take back home to California with him.

Like a professional, John knows these trucks inside and out. His mom says he is counting down the days until he can start an internship and get his career going. In the meantime, John makes YouTube videos of trash trucks. He films and edits them all himself! John’s channel, “SoCal Waste and Recycling Videography,” has over 200 subscribers and is growing by the day. Checking out this channel is a must!

We are already looking forward to his visit next summer, but he says if we don’t see him, it’s because he talked his mom into going down to Florida to see the Waste Pro Museum – John is 100% a trash man through and through!