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Coral Springs Family Honors Waste Pro Garbage Truck Drivers

Three drivers in Waste Pro’s Pompano Division have been recognized in the Coral Springs area as friendly faces to the people who live along their routes. One neighborhood wanted to recognize them for their efforts, so they joined together to create signs and gift baskets for the drivers.

Additionally, one mother, Amber, said her children enjoy seeing their local driver, Hugh Burrell, and his truck so much, they wanted to do something special for him.

After sending the letter below, Hugh brought some toys for Amber’s children as a thank you. Burrell was also presented with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Read Amber’s letter below:

Driver Hugh Burrell with children

Good morning,

I want to tell you about the driver that Services our house. His name is Mr. Hugh. I want to highlight him on how amazing he is at his job!

For the last three years my seven-year-old and five-year-old have watched him from our driveway and greeted him almost every day that he comes. He is amazing with them and always gets out of his truck to come and hang out with them for a few minutes and talk to them as well as let them honk his horn. He has always gone above and beyond what his job has called for.

He has always asked when their birthdays were and brought them presents from Waste Pro.

A couple years back I had gotten sick and was in the hospital and had to have heart surgery he had found out from my husband.

For the next couple weeks he made it a point that if we did not have the trash can out by the front of the driveway he would take it from the side of the house and empty it for us and bring it back. Something so small like that touched my heart. 

He truly is an amazing person! I just wanted to recognize him and let you know whatever outstanding job he has been doing.

He has always told me what a great company you are and that he loves working for you.

Thank you for employing such great human beings.