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Waste Pro Welcomes You As A Customer!

On Tuesday, September 6th, Waste Pro was awarded the honor to service the residences and businesses of Wakulla County. We are very appreciative of this opportunity and will strive to meet the expectation of every customer in Wakulla County. In the next two to three weeks we have a tremendous task ahead of us. We would like to take this time to say thank you to everyone and give you some answers to many of the questions that you have. We will cover many topics here, but if you have additional questions, you can call us at (850) 561-0800 or contact us at www.wasteprousa.com for answers to your questions.

When does our new service begin?

We begin service to all residential and commercial customers on Monday, October 3rd.

What does our new service consist of?

Your new service consists of one time per week garbage and recycling service. Garbage and recycling will be picked up on the same day. Before we start service on October 3rd, you will receive a 96 gallon roll out cart and an 18 gallon recycling bin, along with an informational packet that will give you your new service days and answer many of the questions that you will have. Please have your carts and bins out the night before your scheduled service day. Bulky items such as furniture and household items that would not be considered garbage can be put out on your scheduled day of service, and will be picked up with the garbage. We ask that during the first two weeks you limit these items until we establish a pickup routine. White goods such as washers, dryers, and stoves can be picked up as well. This is a scheduled service and you will need to call the number above to have them picked up.

Your current hauler picks up on certain scheduled days.
How will we know what our new scheduled service day is?

We will be delivering carts and bins beginning on September 18th. We are scheduled to complete these deliveries by September 25th. As mentioned above, you will receive information on pickup days and additional services that we provide when we deliver your carts and bins. Please be patient; we may run later than September 25th, but we will complete all deliveries before your first scheduled service day in October.

What do we do with our existing garbage cans that our current haulers provided?

We will work with your current haulers to ensure that your existing roll out carts are picked up in October. Our focus is to ensure that everyone has a Waste Pro cart and bin before you scheduled start date. Continue to use your current haulers cart until your last scheduled pickup is completed during the last week of September. Please bear with us; your current haulers will get these carts picked up as soon as possible.

I am excited about the new curbside recycling service! What items will you accept?

The truck that will service you picks up dual stream recycling. This means that there is one compartment on the truck for paper items, and one compartment for commingled items. Most paper items are accepted. They include newspaper, junk mail, white paper, pizza boxes, and cardboard. Because cardboard boxes are bulky, they need to be broken down and cut up into small squares (generally 18 inches). Commingled items include aluminum, tin, glass, and #1 – 7 plastic containers. Generally 1 – 7 plastic containers are normal food packaging. Please rinse your commingled items before putting them in the recycling bin. The recycling plant cannot accept Styrofoam or plastic grocery bags. A more detailed list of what #1 – 7 plastics is below.

Currently, my hauler comes up my private road or driveway to pick me up.
Will Waste Pro still provide this service?

We committed to provide as close to the same service as your current hauler provided. Generally, if your mailman can get there, we can too! We will work with your previous haulers to determine how you were being serviced. If you live on a private road or driveway, your roll out cart and bin may be left at the foot of the road. Please do not be unsettled by this. We would ask that you contact us if you have a special situation like this and we will send a supervisor out to survey your particular situation and determine the best location to service you.

I live in a subdivision.
Where does my roll out cart and bin need to be placed?

Please have your carts and bins within three feet of the road the night before your service day.

I understand that we are offered an expanded scope of services.
What other services are provided?

In addition to the basic services listed above, we offer additional services at varying costs. Many of the services are provided for free. For residents that do not want a larger 96 gallon cart, we offer a 64 gallon cart. If you are a recycler, additional bins are offered at no charge. If you feel like you need additional recycling capacity we ask that you start out with one additional bin. After the first few weeks of service if you are recycling more than two 18 gallon bins, we will provide you with additional bins at no charge. If you are disabled and cannot wheel your cart to the curb, assistance will be given at no extra charge. Please contact Wakulla County to determine if you qualify for this service. Side door service for non-disabled resident are provided at an additional charge. Bear proof and bear resistant containers will be offered to all residents.

What are the fee schedules for additional services?
How do I contact Waste Pro to set up additional services?

The flyer that you receive with your roll out cart and bin will have a fee schedule for additional services. There is a detachable portion of the flyer that can be mailed into our office to set up additional services. You can also request these services by calling the number listed above, or sign up for services on our website. Our main focus now is to ensure that every resident has a 96 gallon roll out cart and 18 gallon bin to start service on October 3rd. Depending on demand, requests for additional services could take two days to three weeks to deliver. Please bear with us; we will get to everyone’s requests as soon as possible!

O.k., all of this sounds good. We have expanded services. Will I pay more for all of this?

Your Commission has negotiated a rate of $196 per year for these services. The typical customer in Wakulla County was paying up to $300 per year for one time per week garbage pickup only. Not only is this a savings to most residents, by doing this, you will see less litter in Wakulla County and you can take pride in the fact that you are becoming one of the greenest counties in Florida!

What about my current driver?

In order to keep jobs in Wakulla County we have employed a majority of the service providers that you have come to respect over years of service. We commit to this. We will also utilize as many Wakulla County businesses as possible to keep the dollars in Wakulla County. We intend to buy fuel, parts, and other items in Wakulla keeping these dollars flowing within the County.

I am a commercial business. How will I be affected?

Waste Pro services the majority of commercial businesses in Wakulla County. Most commercial customers will see a savings on their monthly bill. We will continue to bill these customers. Your new bill that you receive for October services will reflect these reduced rates.

I still have questions about the new service. Who do I contact?

Please contact us by phone at (850) 561-0800 or visit our website at www.wasteprousa.com if you have additional questions. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible. We ask for your patience during this first month of service. We have a lot of work to do in the next two weeks. We are very excited about the challenge, and we commit to you to provide you with the world class service that you deserve!

Plastics Categories

Number 1 Plastics: PET or PETE (polyethylene terephthalate)

Found In:Soft drinks, water and beer bottles; mouthwash bottles; peanut butter containers; salad dressing and vegetable oil containers; oven-safe food trays

Number 2 Plastics: HDPE (high density polyethylene)

Found In:Milk jugs, juice bottles; bleach, detergent and household cleaner bottles; shampoo bottles; butter and yogurt tubs

Number 3 Plastics: V (Vinyl) or PVC

Found In:Window cleaner and detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, cooking oil bottles, clear food packaging

Number 4 Plastics: LDPE (low density polyethylene)

Found In:Squeezable bottles; frozen food containers

Number 5 Plastics: PP (polypropylene)

Found In:Some yogurt containers, syrup bottles, ketchup bottles, caps, straws, medicine bottles

Number 6 Plastics: PS (polystyrene)

Found In:Disposable cups, meat trays, egg cartons, carry-out containers, aspirin bottles

Number 7 Plastics: Miscellaneous

Found In:Water bottles, certain food containers

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