Proudly Serving the City of Winter Park Proudly Serving the City of Winter Park Proudly Serving the City of Winter Park

About Waste Pro

The Waste Professionals

There is more than meets the eye running the south's premier recycling and solid waste removal service company. On the street every day, thousands of trucks serve hundreds of thousands of customers, collecting and properly disposing of a mountain of recycling and solid waste materials. Behind the scenes we are constantly looking for new ways to be environmentally friendly. Whether it is innovative small business recycling programs or recycling motor oil through an onboard filtering system, Waste Pro is staying on the cutting edge of innovation and green technology. It takes professional, experienced, hard working and dedicated people, working together, to accomplish this task. We are proud of the job that we do and are proud to service your community.

Waste Pro Changes

City of Winter Park residents have begun receiving their new Waste Pro solid waste and recycle carts. By default, residents were scheduled to receive a standard 96-gallon solid waste cart and a 64-gallon recycle cart, with the exception to those that specifically requested a larger 96-gallon recycle cart. 

Due to a manufacturing error, all residents were delivered a 96-gallon recycle cart and now have two options:

  1. Keep the upgraded 96-gallon cart to take advantage of the additional recycling opportunities.
  2. Request a smaller  64-gallon recycle cart by:
    1. selecting “Requests” on the left side of this page > inputting your information > checking the “Exchange 96 Gal Recycle Cart for 64 Gal” box.
    2. calling Waste Pro Customer Service at 407-774-0800

The replacement of your recycle cart can take up to 3-4 weeks.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.